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A European, recordin’, thinkin’ band on a mission! Strivin’ to beat the ego!! (Well, at least that’s our quest!!). With material based upon love, joy, hardship, hope and reality, Katjam looks forward to sharin’ a future of honest and heartfelt songs rangin’ from Ballads and Blues to Reggae, Pop and Rock, to not only our family and friends, but also others who may appreciate the journey over time. Initially created by close friends Jonathan S Martin & artist Christopher ‘Katman’ Pilkington (The New Expressionist) over a decade ago, the project is now startin’ to materialise, recognition at last of a dream!! Lookin’ to bring to life and honour our present recordin’s, Katjam is strivin’ to bring the work to a truly professional standard, so that our songs can shine and hopefully achieve the ultimate, that is, to be classed as other timeless Greats of the past, whom we tip our hats to!. May Love and Peace be with you.

KATJAM (Part Deux)

KatJam (Part Deux) - So Happy EP

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Alternatively; on CD via PayPal for £5 inclusive of P&P. Please allow up to 7 days for delivery.

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